Give a great media interview.

The media is a strong platform to build and protect your company’s image. Positive news reports can be key pieces to show on your website and portfolio.

Before you speak to the media you must prepare yourself. This is so you give the right answers to questions while sharing the messages you want.

This training will show you what to expect in an interview and help you practice how to respond.

You will learn how to

Prepare your key messages.

Give precise, clear answers while saying what you want.

Look confident and in control.

Stay on point and don’t get drawn into hot spots.

Have the right “look” (Dress, Posture, Expression).

Get onto the media’s list of top speakers for your industry.

The best way to learn how to give a good media response is to act like you are in a real media interview. In the training, you will give a series of mock interviews that we will record on camera. We will then discuss these recordings so you know what’s working and what you can improve. This will also remove any fear or shyness you may have to speak on camera.















Stand out in your domain with presence in the media.

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