Speak with clarity.

You are already an expert in your field and know what you can achieve. But sometimes your speaking style lets you down. You sound dull and confused which lowers people’s confidence in you. Then they don’t give you their attention and are less likely to take the next steps you want them to take.

SPEAK WITH CLARITY is a guided masterclass to help you sound clear and look confident when you speak.










The class starts with making you become aware of your natural speaking style. From that, we will create a learning goal and road map for success.

Thereon the class will cover

What to change or strengthen about your tone, speed, pauses, accent.
Which words and sentence lengths work well for the occasion.
How to be clear about what you will say before you say it.
How to adapt your speech for the audience and format.
Use a style that suits your persona and work environment.
Self-improvement steps to keep you learning on the go.
Ideas to speak at premium events like press meets and business pitches.

(For this, we will borrow some techniques from my other training programs. So this is like a super bonus for you: Write with ease, Speak with clarity, Media training and MAD presenting.)

People like to work with those who appear confident. When you speak with clarity, you make people feel more confident about you.

The Speak With Clarity program is four hours over two sessions. You may need more time depending on your experience and learning goals. To discuss a custom training for you or your team, call me on +91 9820131613 or fill the form at the bottom of this page.

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